Board & Staff

"Serving on the BEF board is a valuable way to help the Foundation provide students in the Birmingham Public Schools with opportunities and innovative programs.”
Alicia Green, BEF past trustee, BPS parent and local business owner

The Birmingham Education Foundation is managed by a board of trustees made up of community-members, BPS alumni, parents, and staff. While the BEF is independent from the school district administration, the trustees work closely with district staff to identify areas of need and opportunity where the BEF can significantly support students and staff.
Board of Trustees:
Officers Cris Braun, President
Becky Brady, Vice President
Pamela Davis, Secretary
Catherine Turnbull, Treasurer


Benjamin Dolan
Rosemary Hall
Matt Heller
Laurence Imerman
Paul A. Keller
Patrick Liebler

Geri Rinschler
Gerald T. Rito
Steve Scheidt
Scott Warrow

Ex-Officio Members Daniel Nerad, Ed.D., BPS Superintendent
Paul DeAngelis, BPS Deputy Superintendent
Robert J. Lennihan II, Past President

Executive Director

Administrative Assistant

Laura T. Couger

Diana Patterson

Event Volunteers

Wendy Christie, Bash Coordinator
Ryan Abney, Bash Auction Coordinator

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I didn’t know there was anything living in there. They’re really moving.”

- 3rd grader looking through a stereomicroscope – purchased with a grant from the BEF.

“The BEF has made it very easy and accessible to apply for a grant. Without the support of the BEF the LINKS program would not be possible.”– Stacey Raznick, Quarton LRC teacher.

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The Birmingham Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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