Understanding that every student learns and achieves differently, the Birmingham Education Foundation works closely with the Birmingham Public School district to support a range of academic programs that encourage the success of all students.

Academic initiatives
The BEF Board of Trustees meets with district staff and the Board of Education regularly to discuss new opportunities for learning initiatives that could be tailored to each grade level and implemented in every school. Throughout 2015-2016, the trustees and staff will be working hard to develop these initiatives to provide the greatest benefit to BPS students.

Science Technology Engineering Math & Art
Over the last four school years the BEF has partnered with BPS to establish a district-wide theme in the area of (STEM).

Expedition 2012: NASA DAY included a Skype session with NASA Astronaut Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger, hands on activities for 625 elementary, middle and high school students and culminated in a community event.

Expedition 2013: Medicine that Matters allowed students to explore different facets of the field of medicine throughout the year in the areas of ethics, public policy, history, culture and of course science. The year culminated with over 700 people attending an evening event that showcased all 13 schools and the special projects our students had been involved in throughout the year. A medical-themed STEM career fair, and science experiments for families to do together were also part of this special evening. . 

Expedition 2014: SustainAbility (Think environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics, public policy, election issues, service learning, recycling, poetry, etc…). We are saw classrooms across the district—kindergarten to 12th grade— find ways to participate and make connections across all curricula.

Over 500 students participated in Expedition 2014.

Expedition 2015: Designing a Better World-this exciting topic will lead our students in a wide number of directions. We hope to focus more on the process and the design as students learn how to make a difference in our world. We are also adding in an "A" to STEM making it STEAM this year. We look forward to seeing how staff and students explore and create with Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Mathematics!

Expedition 2016:Helping One World Near & Far. Our hope is to reach as many students as possible during the school day and unite them with this year’s theme. The 2015-16 theme was chosen for its ease of integration into many different subject areas.  We are excited to support grants and service learning projects that engage all students in our schools, and that demonstrate how, Helping One World Near & Far, can integrate across all curriculums.Imagine, Indentify, Initiate, Inquire, Implement, Innovate, Interact, Invent, , Impact, Illustrate, Integrate, Instruct, Interpret, Intervene-"I" on the world!

Here is a look last year's special evening. Photos provided by Carroll DeWeese

Learn more about this exciting program by viewing this informative video.

There are also a number of ways that parents and community members can become involved. Please contact bef@birmingham.k12.mi.us to find out more.

Technology grants
The BEF is dedicated to providing students and staff with the opportunity to work with and learn from state-of-the-art technology when it enhances the learning experience of our students and support the curricula.

Some technology enhances teaching techniques and some enhances the curriculum in specific topics. Recent grants have provided:

  • Promethean Boards for all high school math classrooms
  • Document cameras for elementary classrooms
  • Electronic white boards for special education classrooms
  • Robotics components for high school Engineering Technology classes
  • Stereomicroscopes for the Environmental Center
  • Robotics Day for all of 7th Grade Students

Student support grants
The BEF also provides grants to programs that seek to support students struggling academically or developmentally. Successful grants in this area include support for:

  • LINKS – peer-to-peer support programs active in several schools
  • The Bingham Breakfast Club – early morning enrichment
  • Adaptive Physical Education Program
  • Reading support
  • Mentoring programs in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math


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I didn’t know there was anything living in there. They’re really moving.”

- 3rd grader looking through a stereomicroscope – purchased with a grant from the BEF.

“The BEF has made it very easy and accessible to apply for a grant. Without the support of the BEF the LINKS program would not be possible.”– Stacey Raznick, Quarton LRC teacher.

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